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Favorite Promotional Product: Jaya Knit Jacket from TriMark

Travis Powell, recipient of honorary doctorates (awarded to himself, by himself in very lovely ceremonies) in Jacketology, Branded Polo Sciences and Swag Marketing Psychology, heads up the Blue Phoenix Branding Team.

His passion for marketing with promotional products and print shines through as he works to develop plans to help his clients succeed in their business goals.

A client once told him that "promotional products were just cheap plastic junk." A mortified Travis was inspired to work to not only sell great promotional products, but to educate his clients on how to effectively market with those products.

It's a rare day that a person will find Travis in public without Blue Phoenix Branding attire.

He considers branded apparel an essential part of the marketing mix, and he practices what he preaches. Just check his closet for proof! Travis frequently speaks at marketing events on current trends in the industry and best practices in marketing.

Travis is a bit of a superhero geek and loves to take his kids to Comic Conventions. For an incriminating photo, click here, but be warned… there is spandex involved!


MICHELLE ZIEL-DINGMAN | Vice President of Operations & Marketing

Favorite Promotional Product: SoulKik Shoes by Snugz

With a passion for helping companies strategically grow, Michelle has utilized her love of marketing and research to create innovative promotions and campaigns for a variety of sectors. Never shy, Michelle (or MZD as many call her!) aims to make connections wherever she goes, as she believes that relationships have been the key to her success. "I believe in giving not taking. My first question is always 'what can I offer to help this person or company succeed?'" she explains. With an innate ability to bridge the gap between multiple perspectives, Michelle integrates up-to-date marketing strategy with smart solutions.

With experience in creating comprehensive marketing plans and budgets for FinFun.com, Snake River Landing/Ball Ventures, Grand Teton Mall, Artcore Visual Studio, and Eastern Idaho Technical College Foundation, Michelle works directly with our clients to get to the heart of their goals.

Well-known in southeast Idaho for her speaking engagements related to networking and social media, Michelle strives to utilize her vast network for the greater good of our clients. A busy wife and mother of four, Michelle also serves as an elected official, aiming to build a stronger community for the residents she serves


ANGELA POWELL | Financial Phoenix

Favorite Promotional Product: Chocolate Filled 3 -Tier Oval Tower from Astor Line

Angela does not have the audacity to award herself any honorary degrees, but its acknowledged far
and wide at Blue Phoenix Branding Branding that she's the brains of the operation.

Need a presentation with great promo ideas? She's on it with blazing speed!

Time to place an order? She's got your back!

And wondering where the heck your order is (since that's kind of important)? Well, she's got that covered as well.

This organizational guru keeps things running smoothly and efficiently, ensuring our clients receive the best value and timely shipments.

When she's not filling orders and juggling kids activities, Angela is busy chasing an energetic, disobedient chorkie named Gizmo around the house.


DAYNE DINGMAN | Creative Director

Favorite Promotional Product: Flare Lightweight 15" Computer Backpack by eeleven

A natural artist, Dayne has been flexing his creative muscles in graphic and web design for nearly 20 years in East Idaho. Unlike many graphic designers who prefer to stay behind the desk and away from strategy meetings, Dayne likes to work closely with our clients to ensure strategic consideration in every detail of his design.

Experienced in multiple dimensions of design, including print, web, motion graphics and illustration, Dayne's work has been the secret weapon in several issue and political campaigns. An award -winning graphic artist well-known for his logo and branding specialty, Dayne's handcrafted typography and unique artistry has made him a one-of-a-kind talent.

Dayne is also a talented photographer whose photos have graced magazine covers, an Inc. 500 e-commerce site, and more brochures and fliers than you can shake a stick at!

When Dayne's not drawing, you can find him rocking the bass guitar, riding his bike, or cheering his kids on at sporting events.


PAUL FERRIS | Branding Phoenix - Southern Oregon

Favorite Promotional Product: Adventure Duffel Bag

Paul combines a keen sense of promotional product savvy with lifetime of sales experience. He understands how to motivate customers and works with clients to develop promo marketing plans that allow them to flex their branding muscles.

When Paul is not studying key trends in the promotional product industry, he's happily tending his bee hives or gardening.

To all Southern Oregon Marketing Directors and Human Resource professionals, consider Paul an extension of your team!

To contact Paul:


CARLY POWELL | Ordering Phoenix

Favorite Promotional Product: Aurora Copper Lined Bottle

Carly is our fabulous order-support phoenix who combines excellent customer service skills and an eye for detail.